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X-am 5000 Multi-Gas Detector


X-am 5000 Multi-Gas Detector

X-am 5000 CatEx 125/O2/CO/H2S, NiMH w/charger kit


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This is the X-am 5000 Multi-Gas Detector.

Draeger X-AM 5000 Portable Gas Monitor

The Draeger X-AM 5000 is a toxic gas analyzer that can detect O2, CO, H2S, and NiMH simultaneously.

The X-am 5000 Multi-Gas Detector is one of a new range of innovative 5-gas detectors. Draeger made it ideally suited for confined space requirements. The smallest 5 gas detector available worldwide! Its compact and ergonomic design make the Draeger X-am 5000 the ideal companion for personal protection. The low weight and the compact design of the device ensure a high level of wearing comfort for the user.

Responders can intuitively operate the the device due to the 2-button control panel and the user-friendly menus. As required, responders can use the different sensors individually with the X-am 5000, making it even more flexible companion. Responders can easily replace sensors, change gases, and apply new settings.

All listed configurations include rechargeable NiMH battery and charging cradle.


  • Secure gas entry: gas entry from top and front
  • Visual alarm: 180° alarm
  • Draeger Sensors: Fast, accurate and durable
  • Large display: All readings at a glance
  • Reflective faceplate: Easy to find in the dark or in water


This product meets the requirements for the California Standardized Equipment List – SEL 2.1.1.
CONFINED SPACE OSHA STANDARD Four Gas: Continuous monitoring, independent displays, built-in alarms, minimum of 10 feet of tubing and sampling wand. Referred to as “Four-in-One” Kits: (O2 Presence in Percent; Combustible Vapor in LEL; CO presence; H2S presence)

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in