Offering Solutions for Working in Hazardous Environments

Those who risk their lives to save ours deserve the best protection possible. From firefighters to first responders, HAZMAT Resource makes sure their needs are met. We provide a wide range of personal protective equipment (PPE), testing devices, and technical reference materials, to name a few.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to protect lives and to be a valuable resource for first responders and the civilian community they are sworn to protect.

HazMat Equipment

Our product line is based on the California Firescope Standardized Hazardous Materials Equipment List (SEL), ICS 1120. This list captures everything our teams needs for hazard response in multi-tiered, joint interagency environments.


Why Choose Us

Founded by Jack Hansen, CEO with 26 years of military service. Hazmat Resource knows first hand what it means to put your life in the hands of your equipment. We understand the challenges associated with maintaining volatile skills training, personnel turnover, budget constraints, and routine upgrades in cutting edge technology. Our goal is to help the first response community streamline their response capabilities while ultimately protecting them from extreme environments.