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XplorIR Handheld Gas Identification System


The RedWave XplorIR Handheld Gas Identification System is the premier handheld gas and vapor detector that can accurately detect and identify unknown chemical threats in seconds. Accurate, Actionable Gas Identification. Many warranty options available, request a quote today!

Meets Cal OES MEL 1.3.3 requirements

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Use the XplorIR Handheld Gas Identification System to continuously monitor for immediate results during high threat operations or rotate for point-and-shoot mode giving isolated, targeted intelligence.

Includes Pelican case with custom fit foam and fittings.

The RedWave XplorIR cost is less than comparable chemical threat detectors, contact us today to discuss options and for a free low-price quote.

RedWave ExplorIR – Handheld FTIR – Real-time Threat Intelligence

Rapidly detect and identify 5600+ unknown gas and vapor chemical threats in seconds.



Fire gases
Petroleum products
Industrial gases

Nerve agents
Blister agents
Choking agents
Blood agents





XplorIR Handheld FTIR Chemical Threat Detection – Ready When You Are

Simple controls and an intuitive display make the gas detector XplorIR easy to use, even under stressful emergency situations. This robust chemical detection tool is built for reliable operation in harsh environments, including high temperature and humidity.

Learn more about RedWave, makers of portable FTIR, chemical identification tools and RedWave Explorer ID specifically designed for hazmat responders and military personnel. RedWave hazmat XplorIR technology identifies thousands of unknown gas and vapor chemical threats in seconds.

Chemical Threat Detector Gas Vapor Detector

Access Chemical Threat Information Remotely in Real Time

Our TeamLeader mobile app lets you view results in real-time outside the hot zone so you can make rapid, informed decisions based on a clear understanding of the threat.

Get detailed sample information including primary chemical agent detection and mixture analysis, and remotely search our Threat Assist database to get detailed information on a vast collection of chemical compounds. Learn more about TeamLeader here >> and learn about Threat Assist here >>

XplorIR Accessories

Single Bay Battery Charger 03-000309
Li-Ion Battery 14.4 V 03-000049
Drierite Filter for Water Vapor Removal Qty 5 200-00-2018
Particulate Filters 2 in Pancake Qty 25 300-00-2000
Inlet Wand XplorIR 300-00-2001


RedWave XplorIR Handheld FTIR Chemical Threat Detection

From the Press Release

Re: Gas Vapor Detector Chemical Threats

The RedWave XplorIR FTIR device can identify over 5,500 gases at low part per million (ppm) concentrations. It is the first handheld FTIR identification tool with this breadth and sensitivity. The lightweight chemical agent detector can be used on scene, measuring the gas at its source. The XplorIR can identify many dangerous gases, including toxic industrial compounds (TICs), flammables, corrosives, industrial gases, and many other chemicals at operationally relevant levels.

Jon Frattaroli, CEO of RedWave Technology stated, “Teams around the country told us that they needed technology that could quickly and accurately identify a wide range of toxic gases. This capability gap directly affects their ability to quickly mitigate threats. We undertook the development of the XplorIR with the simple focus of creating a chemical analyzer that could keep responders and their communities safer from dangerous gases.”

RedWave Technologies Chemical Detection Equipment

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in

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