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ProtectIR Handheld FTIR Chemical Threat Detection


The RedWave ProtectIR Handheld FTIR Chemical Threat Detection to confidently identify thousands of chemical threats anywhere. Compact and lightweight, it’s the ideal grab-and-go tool for rapidly assessing chemical threats. Many warranty options available, request a quote today!

Accurate, Actionable Solid and Liquid Identification. Meets MEL 1.3.3 requirements.

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The RedWave ProtectIR Handheld FTIR Chemical Threat Detection designed specifically for emergency response and military use. ProtectIR FTIR is extremely easy to use, with simple, on-screen prompts, proven FTIR spectroscopy and rugged diamond ATR sampling technology quickly identifies powders and liquids with minimum user input.

Includes Pelican case with custom fit foam and fittings.

The RedWave Protect IR cost is less than comparable chemical threat detection, contact us today to discuss options and for a free price quote.

RedWave ProtectIR Portable FTIR – Extensive Identification Capabilities

Rapidly identify more than 22,000+ solid and liquid chemical threats.




Fire gases
Petroleum products
Industrial gases

Military explosives
Commercial explosives
Homemade / IED
Explosive mixtures




Synthetic cannabinoids
Fentanyl compounds
Cutting Agents




RedWave ProtectIR Handheld FT-IR System – Ready When You Are

Simple on-screen prompts and handheld, rugged design make ProtectIR easy to use. Results are provided in minutes with minimal user inputs, and automated warnings are provided for dangerous samples.

Learn more about RedWave, makers of portable FTIR, chemical identification tools specifically designed for hazmat responders and military personnel. RedWave protector hazmat technology identifies thousands of unknown chemical threats in seconds.

FTIR Portable Handheld Spectroscopy Chemical Detectors

Access Chemical Threat Information Remotely in Real Time

Our TeamLeader mobile app lets you view results in real-time outside the hot zone so you can make rapid, informed decisions based on a clear understanding of the threat.

Get detailed sample information including primary chemical agent detection and mixture analysis, and remotely search our Threat Assist database to get detailed information on a vast collection of chemical compounds. Learn more about TeamLeader here >> and learn about Threat Assist here >>

ProtectIR Accessories

Single Bay Battery Charger 03-000309
Li-Ion Battery 14.4 V 03-000049
Liquids Well 02-000458


From Firehouse Magazine

The core technology behind the ProtectIR is Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, which has been used for more than 20 years in homeland security applications. The size of the onboard threat library, coupled with the newest, most advanced data analytics and groundbreaking algorithms, enable ProtectIR to identify even complex mixtures with a high degree of confidence.

RedWave’s Director of Product Development, John Seelenbinder, explained, “The ProtectOR can identify nearly twice as many chemical threats than comparable FTIR based products. Results are immediately available on the device and on connected mobile devices using Redwave’s cloud-based TeamLeader app. This advanced technology allows for remote viewing and advanced analysis by senior team members outside of the hot zone in near real time.”

The ProtectIR is the newest product in RedWave Technology’s suite of chemical identification tools, including the ThreatID, which can identify thousands of gas, powder, and liquid threats all in one device, and the XplorIR, a ruggedized, handheld identifier that can identify over 5,500 gases and vapors.

RedWave Technology ProtectIR Handheld FTIR

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 4 in

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