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M272 Chemical Agents Water Testing Kit


The M272 Chemical Agents Water Testing Kit is designed to test for lewisite, nerve agents (V- and G- types), cyanide and mustard (H-) chemical agents which may be present in water. Operation of the kit requires training.

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THE M272 Chemical Agents Water Testing Kit CONSISTS OF:

  • • A heat resistant, plastic test container with rubber stopper, connector, and liquid crystal temperature display
  • • Chemical agent detector tubes banded with blue or red test reagents
  • • Nerve agent test tickets
  • • A plastic coated instruction card
  • • Training simulants to demonstrate tests and results to trainees
  • • Waterproof matches and striking strips
  • • A tube holder that fits in the case lid
  • • A clip, and extra rubber connectors.


To test for nerve agents, first wet the provided test tickets with the suspected nerve agent, and allow it to soak. Then press it against the reagent test patch. A blue color on the patch indicates the absence of a nerve agent.

To test for blister and blood agents, treat the water sample with the reagent fluids. A color change indicates the type, and degree, of contamination.

Samples suspected of (H) agent need to be heated before the reaction.

In 2012, the State of California’s FIRESCOPE Standardized Equipment List , listed the M272 as a required item for emergency and Hazmat first responders.

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