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M272 Chemical Agents Water Testing Kit


The M272 Chemical Agents Water Testing Kit is designed to test for Nerve Agents (V- and G- types), Blister Agents (CX, HD, L), Blood Agents (AC, CK), Lewisite (L), Mustard (H, HD, HN, and HT) chemical agents which may be present in water. Operation of the kit requires training.

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The M272 Chemical Agents Water Testing Kit includes:

  • A heat resistant, plastic test container with rubber stopper, connector, and liquid crystal temperature display
  • Chemical agent detector tubes banded with blue or red test reagents
  • Nerve agent test tickets
  • A plastic coated instruction card
  • Training simulants to demonstrate tests and results to trainees
  • Waterproof matches and striking strips
  • A tube holder that fits in the case lid
  • A clip, and extra rubber connectors.


The sampler-detectors consist of a series of ampoules containing reagents. The ampoules connect to a small hand-held card. When responders crush the ampoules between their fingers, the liquid reagents can flow down plastic tubes to three distinctively shaped test spots.

Each test spot is open to the air and, when the reagent wets the test spot, it interacts with the chemical agent in the air, and will turn the test spot a certain color.

If there is no agent present, then there will be no reaction. The reaction indicates whether a chemical agent is, or is not, present in the air.

For example, a color change in the square area indicates the presence of blister agents, the circular test spot is for blood agents, and the star-shaped field signals nerve agents.

Users do not need to point the kit in a certain direction for it to detect chemical agents, nor does it require a close proximity to work effectively.

The sampler-detectors identify the following agents:

  • Cyanide (AC, CK, NaCN and KCN) – Cyanide is a rapidly acting, deadly chemical that kills cells by preventing them from using oxygen. The Luxfer Magtech M272 system is an excellent cyanide water testing kit.
  • Lewisite (C2H2AsCl3) – Lewisite is an extremely toxic, arsenic-containing blister agent (vesicant) that affects the lungs and causes whole-body (systemic) effects. It has an odor of geraniums. It was developed as a potential chemical warfare agent (military designation, L), but has not been used on the battlefield. The Luxfer Magtech M272 system is a excellent lewisite water testing kit.
  • Mustard (H, HD, HN, and HT) – Mustard is a chemical warfare agent. It causes blistering in the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. It also damages DNA of the bone marrow, which results in decreased red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The Luxfer Magtech M272 system is an excellent mustard water testing kit.
  • Nerve agents (V- and G- types) – sometimes also called nerve gases, are a class of organic chemicals that disrupt the mechanisms by which nerves transfer messages to organs. The Luxfer Magtech M272 system is an excellent nerve agents water testing kit.
  • Phosgene Oxime (CX) – Phosgene Oxime is a chemical warfare agent. On exposure, it causes intense pain, and parts of the skin slowly die. The Luxfer Magtech M272 is an excellent phosgene oxime water testing kit.


This product meets the requirements for the California Standardized Equipment List – SEL 1.2.8
WMD, WATER TEST, MILITARY, Kit: Qualitative analysis for WMD chemicals in water (i.e. M272 or M273 kit); Sensitive for GA, GB, GD, GF, VX HD, and L to ppb and ppt. Detection is dependent upon liquid color change. (Rev2008)

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