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Fluoride Test Strips


Fluoride Test Strips detect Fluoride at 0, 10, 25, 50, and 100ppm in drinking water.

  • Range: 0-100+ ppm
  • 50 strips per vial
  • Test requires other products (sold separately)
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Unlike most of our other test strips, these fluoride test strips can not be used as a standalone product. It requires use of other products that are not provided, therefore please read this description in full before ordering. Also make sure to wear appropriate protective gear when handling the chemicals and dispose of all liquids properly.

Fluoride Test Strips are unlike most other test strips. These fluoride monitoring strips require the use of other products that are not provided. Please read this description closely before buying. Also make sure to wear protective gear when handling the chemicals and dispose of all liquids properly.

The solution tested must be at a pH of 0.5 in order for this test to be accurate. To accomplish this pH measure, add concentrated Hydrochloric acid to acidify the test solution.


Dip the test strip into the pH adjusted solution for 1 second.
Remove and wait 10 seconds before comparing against the color chart.
The result must be adjusted to compensate for the dilution during the acidification process.

The fluoride in water testing kit  

Is based upon the acidity level of the solution to be tested. Before testing, the solution has to be acidified to a pH ≤ 0.5. We recommend hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid), preferably concentrated (1-2-3 M) depending on the rough presumption of the fluoride concentration in the test sample because in the process of acidification,

The solution is always more or less diluted with added HCl (dilution has to be noted and the result is then multiplied with the dilution factor). For example, 1M HCl has pH about 0.1 whereas, 0.1M HCl has pH about 1.09

High concentration of fluoride in the sample?

1M HCl can be used for acidification. Add to the sample in the ratio, 2 parts of 1M HCl and 1 part sample. Meaning the sample is 3 times diluted and the result must be multiplied by 3. For example, if the result on the color chart is at about 10ppm, then the actual result is 10 x 3 = 30ppm.

Lower concentration of fluoride in the sample?

Add more concentrated HCl to avoid a higher dilution. The final pH of the sample before testing should be between 0 and 0.5. After acidifying the solution, the test strips are easy to use. Simply dip floride test strips into the pH solution for one second, remove, and compare the strip to the color chart after 10 seconds.

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Bartovation Fluoride Test Strips 0-100+ ppm

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