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pH 1-14 Test Strips


The pH 1-14 Test Strips are ideal for identifying the pH of an unknown substance.

  • Quantity: 100/tube
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These are pH 1-14 Test Strips.

As a safety precaution, do not measure an unknown solution for its pH value. If it is too acidic, the solution may be dangerous to handle. Alternatively, it may have special disposal requirements.

  • 100 single-use strips conveniently packed into a moisture-wicking flip-up vial.
  • Vivid color chart printed on the bottle enables easy determination of pH with increments of 1.
  • Plastic Strips enable you to test a solution without the risk of touching the solution. This also eliminates the risk of finger staining.
  • No chemicals or reagents needed for accurate readings, just one easy to use strip.
  • Lot numbers and expiration dates printed on each bottle.
  • Proudly made in America.


These are premium quality strips. The chart has color block matches at [1.0][2.0][3.0][4.0][5.0][6.0][7.0][8.0][9.0][10.0][11.0][12.0][13.0][14.0].


  1. Remove one wide-range pH testing strip from the bag. Hold one end of the strip between your index finger and thumb. Do not touch the test pad with your fingers.
  2. Dip the pH tester strip about 1/2″ into the solution that you want to test for 1-2 seconds.
  3. Remove and shake off any excess liquid.
  4. Compare immediately to the color chart. Do not allow the wide range pH measuring strip to dry before reading against the color chart.


These plastic strips are a general use pH 1-14 test paper. Please note that Bartovation does not intend this pH testing paper for medical use.

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