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Dräger Mark II X-am Pump 8327115


Dräger Mark II X-am Pump 8327115 is an external pump for portable gas detection devices. In combination with the X-act 7000 or other Draeger devices it allows you to perform remote testing including inside tanks, access ports and ducts.

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Dräger Mark II X-am Pump 8327115 is an external pump for the Draeger X-am 2500, 5000, and 5600 portable gas detectors – designed for clearance measurement, for example in tanks and shafts. The pump automatically switches on when it is connected to a running X-am device. The change from pump mode to diffusion mode is fast and easy.


  • USB charger
  • Wall plug
  • Shoulder strap


Dräger X-am Pump for Dräger X-act 7000, X-am 2500 and many other devices. The optional external pump, which operates with a hose up to 45 meters long, makes it possible to use the detector for pre-entry measurements into confined spaces such as tanks, shafts, etc. The pump starts automatically when the detector is inserted. We sell a variety of tube lengths, contact us to help build your perfect system.

Dräger X-am 2500 – Operation with Dräger X-am Pump


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Dräger External Pump for X-am 1/2/5×00

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in

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