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Large Leak Sealing Bag M1 Set


The Large Leak Sealing Bags M1 Set is an emergency leak repair kit for pipes and tanks. Responders apply it by strapping the bag onto the leak and inflating the bag. Responders can also use sealing plates and acid bags for additional protection.

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SEL 9.3.18
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The Large Leak Sealing Bag M1 Set Includes:

  • Leak sealing bag, Type M1 with belt guiding slits (1)
  • Foot-operated pump with safety valve, 22 psi (1.5 bar) (1)
  • Inflation hose, 33’ (10 m), blue with chain and deflation nipple (1)
  • Tensioning and extension belts, 33′ (10 m) long, yellow, with ratchet (2)
  • Tensioning and extension belts, 33’ (10 m) long, orange, with ratchet (2)
  • Sealing plates, 24” x 12” x 1,2” (600 x 300 x 30mm) CR (2)
  • Sealing plate, 40” x 12” x 1,2” (1000 x 300 x 30mm) CR (1)
  • Acid proof protection bag for M1 (1)
  • Portable case 32” x 24” x 9” (800 x 600 x 235mm) (1)


Hazmat responders can use this pipe leak kit on most kinds of hazardous liquids, fuels, water, and oils.

Large Leak Sealing Bag M1 Set Instruction Manual

Contact the Hazmat Resource team with any questions or help in selecting from a wide-variety of leak repair products.

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