ENPAC Folding Duck Pond Mini Berm


ENPAC Folding Duck Pond Mini Berms offer superior portability, ease-of-use, and spill response time! It features foam sidewalls that accordion fold to easily fit in a fire apparatus, hazmat truck or other industrial vehicles storage compartment.

  • 22 oz. PVC can handle extreme temperatures
  • Quick use under leaking vehicles/machines
  • A low-sidewall pop-up pool alternative
  • Custom sizes available
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ENPAC Folding Duck Pond Mini Berms are made using industrial-grade material to withstand harsh site conditions and are able to handle extreme temperatures. The folding duck pond are also great to use when changing oils or fluids and to use for temporary drip or leak control.

LxWxH ft. (m)
lb. (kg)
Spill Capacity
gal. (L)
ENPAC Folding Duck Pond 2x2x6” 5622-YE-F 5 (2.3) 14 (53)
ENPAC Folding Duck Pond 2x3x6” 5623-YE-F 6 (2.7) 22 (83)
ENPAC Folding Duck Pond 2x4x6” 5624-YE-F 8 (3.6) 29 (109)
ENPAC Folding Duck Pond 3x3x6” 5633-YE-F 7 (3.2) 33 (124)
ENPAC Folding Duck Pond 4x4x6” 5644-YE-F 9 (4) 59 (223)
ENPAC Folding Duck Pond 4x6x6” 5646-YE-F 14 (6.4) 59 (223)
ENPAC Folding Duck Pond 4x8x6” 5648-YE-F 18 (8.2) 79 (299)
ENPAC Folding Duck Pond 5x6x6” 5656-YE-F 16 (7.3) 74 (280)

This portable duck pond is ideal for fire department and HazMat team use. Contact us today for all your spill and containment needs +1 (805) 617-0987

 Quality Assurance

  • Liquid tested for leaks
  • Lap joint welds for maximum strength
  • All berms include serial numbers for tracking


Need More Information about the Enpac Folding Duck Pond Mini Berm?

The Folding Duck pond is a great product for fire departments and hazmat teams to have on-hand with higher ranking when compared with the 2ND Containment Folding duck ponds.

ENPAC Spill Containment Solutions

ENPAC was founded with a single product focused on a simple principle: protecting the environment from hazardous chemicals by giving customers with high quality, affordable containment solutions. Hazmat spill containment pool act as a quick response manage leaks quickly and easily.

ENPAC Folding Duck Pond Mini Berm

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2x2x6", 2x3x6x', 2x4x6", 3x3x6", 4x4x6", 4x6x6", 4x8x6", 5x6x6"

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