HazCat Hazmat Chemical Identification Equipment

The world’s most widely used system for Chemical Compound Identification. The Department of Homeland Security approves HazCat products. Additionally, the EPA uses HazCat products for unknown chemical identification in the field and in the laboratory.

HazCat Identifies Nuclear – Biological – Chemical Weapons – Industrial Chemicals – Narcotics

If you’re not familiar with the HazCat Chemical Hazard Identification Systems, think of it as an easy to use system that walk you through chemical identification techniques and other kits to address issues such as RCRA waste.  HazCat Hazmat Chemical Identification Equipment tests for dangerous substances such as opiates, methamphetamines, botulism, and anthrax. Contact us today if you’d like help choosing the right handheld chemical identification kit for your needs. We also offer refills for any products your team has used during chemical testing.


Ensure that your chemical agent identification sets are fully stocked. Refills are available.

ImageNamePriceShow QuantityBuy
Beilstein Test Kit$229.00
Environmental Sample Collection System$18.00
NIK Narcotics Identification System$67.00
11 X 17 Liquids & Solids Flow Charts, laminated (3 each)$36.00
Test Tube Rack$41.00
Ammonium Molybdate$54.00
Meth Option Manual$56.00
2011 Field Sheets Packet$20.00
HazCat Chemical Identification Systems Manual, Current Version$97.00
WMD Field Operating System Handbook$62.00
Liquid Acids Chart$17.00
MA/Organic Acids Chart$16.00
WMD/NBC Laminated Flow Chart$16.00
LIG Test Kit Manual, includes SDS$29.00
KTC2003 WMD Refresher Manual$88.00
Anthrax Screening Test Kit Manual ver. 1.4$62.00
Lead-In-Paint Test Kit, Manual$29.00
Asbestos, Lead-In-Paint Manual$29.00
Urine Kit Manual, Includes SDS$29.00
Asbestos Kit Manual, includes SDS$29.00
Vapor Pressure Standard$31.00
HazCat Atmospheric Test Sequence$47.00
2001 Meth/Clan Lab Manual$106.00
HazCat Sampling Manual$47.00
KTC2002 Refresher/Unknowns Manual (Complete w/SDS)$87.00
Wash bottle$20.00
32 oz. Waste container w/lid$21.00
Ketone Test Pieces$16.50
50ML Erlenmeyer Flask$25.00
Pro-8, 8 strip (Anthrax, Ricin, Botulinum, SEB, Plague, Tularemia, Brucella & Orthopox “$187.00
Explosive Test Tool$20.00
Micro Torch$61.00
Sterile single tipped applicators$10.00
Radiological Hazard Monitor$680.00
Viscosity Standard$83.00
Watch Glass 65mm$26.00
Waste cups, 32oz$11.00
Torch Head, Manual$30.00
Test Tubes, 13 x 100 mm$41.00$168.00
Syringe, 10ml$10.00
Test Tubes$19.00
Sulfide Test Paper$16.00
25 MM Easy Pressure Syringe Filter Holder$56.00
Glass Stir Rod, 150mm$13.00
Stainless Steel Sampling Scoop$23.00
Test Tube Stoppers$9.50
Strip pH 0-14$49.00
Peroxide Test Strips$20.00$87.00
Mortar and Pestle$30.00
Ketone Test, Vinyl$15.00
Magnet, Round$9.75
Safety Glasses$16.00
Gloves – Nitrile – Latex Free$17.00
Glass, Green$14.00
Flame Test Wires, Ni Cd$19.00
Gas Collecting rubber bulb$40.00
Copper Wire Test (Chlorine Hot Wire)$23.00
Clamp, Test Tube$20.00
Sodium Fusion Test 2$21.00
Sodium Fusion Test 1$20.00
Beaker, Plastic 2 oz.$9.95
Phosphorus Test Glass Rod$19.00
Phosphorus Test Ampule$56.00
Phosphorus Test Ticket$36.00
Lugol’s Solution -Potassium Iodide/Iodine Solution$53.00
Filter Papers$32.00
Potassium Permanganate$63.00
Sodium Bisulfite$68.00
Hexane 1 oz$55.00
Copper Sulfate$64.00
Potassium Chromate$58.00
Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate$62.00
Ferrous Ammonium Citrate$55.00
Methylene Blue$55.00
Barium Chloride$55.00
Silver Nitrate$55.00
Reagent Paper Strips$31.00
Xylene 1 oz.$22.00
Potassium Iodide$63.00
Stannous Chloride$58.00
Copper Slugs$45.99
Magneson 2$55.00
Sodium Rhodizonate$62.00
Sodium Thiocyanate$55.00
Ammonium Oxalate$59.00
Ammonium Acetate/Acetic Acid$68.00
Dithizone in Methylene Chloride$40.00
Hydrogen Peroxide$55.00
Ammonium Hydroxide$58.00
Sodium Hydroxide$49.00
Sodium Sulfide$55.00
Potassium Ferrocyanide$57.99
Sodium Borate$47.99
Sulfuric Acid$55.00
Hydrochloric Acid$55.00
Nitric Acid$55.00
Distilled Water$12.00
3N Hydrochloric Acid$22.00
Digital Timer$20.00
Glass, Cobalt Blue$14.00