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First Responder Diesel Fuel Tank Repair Kit F-1


The First Responder Diesel Fuel Tank Repair Kit contains the tools hazmat responders need to stop tank leaks fast.

Quantity: 1 kit/case

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This First Responder Diesel Fuel Tank Repair Kit is the First On Scene Kit “F-1”.

It lets hazmat responders stop leaks fast. Designed primarily to repair a semi diesel fuel tank leak, this kit contains simple proven leak sealing items such the wooden plug kit with a rubber mallet, four sticks of epoxy repair putty, five all-purpose absorbent pads, a can of Plug N’ Dike, one football plug and two golf ball expanding foam sealant plugs. All items come in a handy tool box, compact enough to fit on every engine in a fire department, or staged near fuel storage tanks in factories or airports.

Available As

  • First On Scene “F-1” (HMS1509)


Proper use of PPE is always recommended when dealing with hazardous substances.


  • First On Scene “F-1” (HMS1509)
  • Use for spill response for diesel fuel tank repair, to fix a gas tank leak, to repair a leak in fuel storage tanks, and for response in roadside incidents.
  • Manufacturer: Edwards and Cromwell
  • Model #: F-1



  • 1-PMP Plug N’ Dike (1)
  • Fix-Stix Epoxy Putty (4)
  • SPF Syntho-plug Football (1)
  • SPG Syntho-plug Golf Ball (2)
  • WWP 9 pc Wood Wedge and Dowel Pack (1)
  • Rubber mallet (1)
  • All purpose sorbent pad 18″ x 18″ (5)
  • Toolbox carrying case (1)


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About Edwards and Cromwell

The Edwards and Cromwell products are quick and easy to use. This makes them every hazmat team’s answer to leaks and spills.

Hazmat response teams have been testing the Edwards and Cromwell hazmat leak control kits on the field for over 30 years. First responders use them extensively in numerous training facilities across the United States and around the world.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in