EZIVac – Portable Hazmat Cleanup Pump Kit


The EZIVac – Portable Hazmat Cleanup Pump Kit is a hazmat vacuum for mini or small cleanups and liquid collections.

  • Vacuums 28 gallons per minute


This is the EZIVac – Portable Hazmat Cleanup Pump Kit. It is a firefighter wet vacuum cleaner.

Prevent spills and leaks when transferring hazardous materials with the EZI Vac Pumps.

The EZIVac will vacuum 28 gallons a minute.

The EZIVac line of heavy duty wet vacuum cleaner products makes annoying and complicated hazmat handling jobs fast and easy. Thanks to the supercharged vacuum that it creates, you can clean up faster and get back to other tasks you have to do. And because only air passes through the pump, you’ll never worry about it getting blocked or burnt out.

Stop wasting time and money with burnt-out electric vacs, blocked pumps, manual bucketing or expensive absorbents. Make collection and transfer of liquid, spill clean-up and liquid waste management and disposal simple for you and your team.

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For medium to large hazardous materials spill cleanup use the EZIVac Plus >>

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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 36 in