Haz-Cam Lite


The Haz Cam Lite 4G based wireless camera that can connect outside agencies from anywhere in the world into a Hazard Area and assist First Responders solve problems.


The HAZ-CAM unit is a Compact, fully contained High Definition Video Streaming System with a range of very Smart Options including Thermal Imaging, Built in Analytics, Storage and a very secure encryption is operated. The unit has a built in Battery which operates for approximately 5 hours without the need to be recharged. Low Battery voltage can be displayed in the Image as aText message or alarm. The Unit has a very adaptable Wireless System with connection via 4G and or 5G., Wi-Fi (2.4& 5.4/8) and Wireless repeater options. The GPS unit means that the unit can be located and easily integrated a Google Maps for smart and quick locations identification for remote monitoring applications.
The 6 Mega-pixel Low light high resolution image sensor produces a excellent video stream that can be viewed remotely on any Smart phone or IP Video platform through a secure Password protected code. The Thermal Image module option can be integrated with the video display alongside. Plus the sensors can be physically extended and suspended in very difficult locations (such as Earthquake rubble and Toxic areas).
The HAZ-CAM unit transmits video without any wire connection directly to a designated Monitoring Platform and / or other approved Users can log into the HAZ-CAM and share the Video being Monitored.
The unit operates in an extremely smart way, with in minutes of switching on at the Targeted location the images can be viewed by authorised devices via secure network from any part in the World with Mobile data connection or Satellite connection.
Features & Benefits
Lightweight Unit
Date and time stamped Video with Location coordination integrated into the Video.
Self Contained Camera, interchangeable secure Storage module, Battery, Router.
Optional Thermal Imaging Module.
Weatherproof (IP 65 and optional 66)
Upto 7 day and more Extended Battery Modules.
Solar and Fuel Cell options are available
Peli Case option for ease of transportation.
Ruggedised Laptop for set up and Monitoring.
Operates from an internal Battery or External 12 volt DC source.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in