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Draeger X-plore 1350 N95


The Draeger X-plore 1350 is a disposable mask that combines proven and reliable respiratory protection with intelligent new ideas ensuring a high level of comfort and ease of use.

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This is the Draeger X-plore 1350 N95 single use face mask series.

Available As

X-plore 1350 – 240 per box

XS 3951351
S/M 3951352
M/L 3951353

X-plore 1350 V – 180 per box

S/M 3951355
M/L 3951356

X-plore 1350 V Odor – 180 per box

S/M 3951358

CoolSAFETM filter material

The Draeger X-plore 1350 N95 disposable face mask utilizes the specially developed CoolSAFETM filter material. It combines various high-performance filter media to achieve an excellent filter performance. The various filter layers effectively stop coarse and fine particles. At the same time, the breathing resistance remains very low. This allows the user to work easily and without tiring for longer periods.

In addition, the face pieces successfully withstood the (optional) dolomite dust test. They resisted to clogging under high exposure to dust. During activities with high exposure to dust (e.g. mining), this gives the face pieces a longer service life. It also reduces costs for the user while maintaining a high degree of wearing comfort.

VarioFLEXTM head harness with EasyStop

Easy to don/doff and adjust with a pressure-free fit. The continuous-looped tear-proof textile strap eliminates the need for clips – preventing uncomfortable pressure and allergic reactions. EasyStop allows the wearer to individually adjust the harness as the situation requires. Meanwhile, it ensures ease of use and a secure, comfortable seal.

CoolMAXTM exhalation valve (optional)

Small details, big effect: Breathe easy and comfortably, thanks to the extremely low breathing resistance. The valve directs humid and warm exhaled air away from the user and out of the mask. As a result, it prevents heat build-up and keeps the user and mask cool.

A secure seal

Alongside the filter performance, a secure seal, without leakage, is decisive in how effective the masks’ protection really is.

The X-plore 1300 is the ideal combination of

  • an ergonomic mask body
  • an integrated nose seal
  • a nose clip.


This gives the wearer a tailor-made fit and a secure seal. Additionally, the good seal keeps safety glasses from fogging.

Protection classes NIOSH 42 CFR 84: N95, R95

The Draeger X-plore 1300 is a disposable N95 Mask, which offers an additional layer of protection against the Covid-19 virus

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

X-plore 1350 XS (240 per box), X-plore 1350 S/M (240 per box), X-plore 1350 M/L (240 per box), X-plore 1350 V S/M (180 per box), X-plore 1350 V M/L (180 per box), X-plore 1350 V Odor S/M (180 per box)