Hazmat Propane Flare Kit – The Dragon Slayer


The Hazmat Propane Flare Kit – The Dragon Slayer is a folding 1-inch Propane Flare that lets hazmat responders move large volumes of propane.

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This is the Hazmat Propane Flare Kit – The Dragon Slayer.

It is the only commercially available folding 1-inch Hazmat Propane Flaring Kit that can be tilted.

Hazmat responders can operate this propane flare off kit at a reduced volume to match others. To reach its full potential at maximum flow, Responder Training Enterprises recommends additional hose to limit exposure to the increased radiant heat that flaring produces at full 1″ flow capacity.

Responder Training Enterprises builds each first responder propane flare to order. It may require 30 or more days to ship.

When hazmat responders need to reduce a propane tanks volume or drop the pressure quickly to protect lives and property, there’s really only one choice. Ask for “THE PROPANE FLARE” aka “The Dragon Slayer” .

  • Flare Vapor or Liquid
  • 304 Stainless Steel Burner stack
  • able to withstand burning liquid run down when tilted
  • 1 inch hose and piping
  • Easy setup – No tools required
  • Pilot flare to maintain main burner flame
  • Reflective markings (visible while setting up)
  • Maintain vertical on grades up to 20 degrees



  • Responder Flare with 1 3/4” ACME inlet (1)
  • Storage Bag (mil-spec hard case adds $1,599.00) (1)
  • Pilot assembly UPGRADED to a full 35-foot of hose and regulator (1)
  • 125 foot 1” evacuation hose w/industry standard 1 3/4” ACME connectors (1)


Our friends at Response Training have put together this great
Flare – Propane 101 pdf, download and reference it for free!

The Dragon Slayer

Propane flares come in varied flow capacities. “THE RESPONDER PROPANE FLARE” aka “The Dragon Slayer” gives hazmat responders a propane flare tool to move large volumes of propane. It uses industry standard 1 3/4” ACME connections, 1” hose, pipe and fittings. This propane tank flare off system flows more than twice the capacity of others on the market. The 1 inch propane flare known as the “THE RESPONDER FLARE” aka “The Dragon Slayer” and the additional Basic Connection Kit lets hazmat responders switch between cylinders, tanks and piping systems. The kit requires no tools, reducing time and the potential for leaks. The system folds into a compact storage bag. This allows hazmat responders to quickly and easily deploy it even in remote locations.

Stable Base

Completely assembled, the tip of the flare stands a full 10 foot tall. It has over 64 sq. foot of stable base that won’t require staking or sand bags under normal conditions. Responder Training Enterprises designed the base to allow hazmat responders to set up the propane flare on up to a 20-degree slope. It will still maintain a vertical emergency propane flare stack for those times when the emergency or job site is just not flat.

Durable and Reliable

Responder Training Enterprises constructed the main burner and Pilot Burner Assembly using 304 Stainless Steel. They are not susceptible to flame damage from liquid rundown. A 30-year firefighter/hazmat tech with 14 years in the propane industry designed this kit. Responder Training Enterprises built something that its employees would want to own. This is a lifetime response device that will outlast your career with reasonable care and maintenance.

Its creator could almost say it’s fireman proof, but really what is?

When hazmat responders need a flare for an emergency situation, time and temperature are not on their side. Therefore, the capability to move larger volumes and higher capacities are a must. Responder Training Enterprises recommends “THE RESPONDER FLARE” aka “The Dragon Slayer” for Fire Departments, HazMat teams, rail crews, propane dealers and anyone else that needs to safely reduce the volume of liquid or vapor pressure in a system.

Need More Information?

The Dragon Slayer propane tank flare off kit can meet and exceed the performance of the Red Dragon propane flare kit.

For more information about the Dragon Slayer, contact us today!

About Responder Training Enterprises

Responder Training Enterprises (RTE) started providing fire service training in the 1980’s. The training included firefighter basics, fire investigations, tactical rope and Emergency Response to Propane Incidents. This included Propane Flare operations. RTE is the only Indiana based company that’s provided a mobile Live Burn Propane course with classroom and practical evolutions for over 30 years. With 14 years in the propane industry and 35 in the fire service, the company’s owner has the response and service knowledge that’s practical and available to everyone that is willing to receive it. Most of RTE’s courses are deliverable wherever hazmat responders need them. Since its inception, Responder Training Enterprises has continued to abide by its commitment to customer service and support.

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