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Dräger X-dock Module X-am 3500/8000


Dräger X-dock Module X-am 3500/8000 with option to include charging. Works with the Dräger X-dock 5300/6300/6600 Test and Calibration Station.


Scalable calibration and configuration station to perform bump tests, create reports & calibration certificates.

  • Dräger X-dock Module X-am 3500/8000 PN 8321893 without charger
  • Dräger X-dock Module X-am 3500/8000+ PN 8321894 with charger


The X-Dock’s engineered advantage all starts with intuitive touchscreen operation at the master controller station where up to three test routines can be configured. Testing is as simple as inserting your Draeger gas detection instrument and closing the lid. The X-Dock immediately detects all sensor combinations and automatically tests and adjusts when all of the required test gases are connected. All generated data is documented in the database.

Contact us for a quote on all your Draeger X-am dock calibration procedure needs and ask for our best Draeger module X-am 8000 price.

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About Draeger

Dräger manufactures medical and safety technology products. In so doing, Draeger protects, supports, and saves people’s lives around the world with fire departments, hazmat, and emergency services. Founded in Lübeck in 1889, Dräger has grown into a worldwide, listed enterprise. It is in its fifth generation as a family-run business. Dräger has more than 15,000 employees worldwide and is present in over 190 countries around the globe. In 2020, the company generated net sales of around EUR 3.4 billion.Hazmat responders all over the world use Dräger technology. It operates in around 50 countries with its own sales and service companies directly on location where its customers are. Dräger X-dock 8000 – HazMat teams rely on HAZMAT Resource, get on-board and request a quote today!

Dräger VOICE – your hazmat-based safety product finder

Dräger HazMat VOICE is an essential tool for the safe handling of hazardous materials. One click and you’ll receive relevant information and specific recommendations of safety equipment for more than 1,500 hazardous substances in its database. Give it a try – it is so simple https://www.draeger.com/en-us_us/Substances

Need More Information?

For more information about the available Dräger X-dock test station accessories, gas detection devices, and for the best Draeger module X am 3500 price contact us today!

Dräger Up with the Draeger X-dock X-am 3500/8000 Module!

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 4 in

without charger, with charger

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