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M29 Chemical Detection Training Kit


M29 Chemical Agent Training Kit is designed for classroom training situations. It will prepare personnel to detect and identify Mustard (H), and phosgene oxime (CX) blister agents.

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SEL 1.1.12-1


Blister agent detection training

Designed for classroom training of members of local governments, police,
fire and first responders to detect chemical agents after an accident or attack. The M29 Training Kit simulates the presence, or absence, of blister agents only.

What’s in the kit

The M29 Trainer Kit comes in a corrugated box containing one book of M8 Paper sealed in a plastic bag, 18 individually wrapped sampler detectors
that contain the blister agent simulator and 18 individually wrapped blank blister agent sampler detectors. Tests are carried out by following the simple instructions printed on the inside of the box and on sampler packets.

Other training kits include the M28, which simulates nerve agents only, and the M256A1 Trainer which simulates blood, blister, and nerve agents.

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Shipping is via UPS Ground. No HAZMAT packaging or labeling required.

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in

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