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The PID HC detects low concentrations of volatile organic compounds. Hazmat responders use PID (photoionization detector) devices to measure hazardous substance groups or even adjust them to measure individual substances.

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This is the PID HC.

  • ​detection of volatile organic compounds in low concentrations
  • compatible with: X-am 8000 – selective benzene measurement with pre-tubes possible
  • measuring range: in ppm and ppb range


Detection of volatile organic compounds in the ppm and ppb range

The emergency PID (photoionization detector) sensors complete the Draeger Sensor series in the area of detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the ppm or ppb ranges. Therefore, these sensors are a useful addition to workplace monitoring with multi-gas detectors in certain applications.

Many different applications

PID sensor technology is very versatile. For example, hazmat responders can use PID sensors for clearance measurements during shutdowns in the chemical and petrochemical industries, monitoring operations in shafts and enclosed spaces, detecting leaks and many other applications.

Draeger equipped the PID detectors with water-repellent membranes to protect the integrated PID sensor during industrial use. The sensors also have very short response times and give a rapid warning.

Adjustment and response factors

PID sensors are quickly and simply adjusted using isobutylene. Isobutylene is a harmless gas that is available in practical, disposable, test gas bottles. Hazmat responders can then use the response factors to individually set the sensitivity to the monitored substance. This means that the hazmat responders can calibrate it on location at any time.

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