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CatEx 125 PR


The Draeger Sensor Catalytic Ex-Sensors measure multiple gases at the same time–combustible gases and vapors in the air.

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Resistance to poisoning
Draeger Sensors are robust and easy to handle, and with the Draeger Sensor CatEx PR Technology, we have succeeded in developing particularly long-term stable catalytic Ex sensors. Hydrogen sulfide and silicones are known catalytic poisons which may be present themselves in the environment where explosive gases exist. Thanks to a new pellistor composition, the sensors are highly resistant to ?poisoning? from these substances.

Sensitivity to vapors

Unknown gas hazards and higher hydrocarbons pose a particular challenge to the display sensitivity of catalytic sensors. The new CatEx 125 PR and Smart CatEx (PR) sensors have such a sensitivity. The detection of all hydrocarbons (from methane to nonane) has been confirmed with a measurement certificate for the device series Draeger X-am??1/2/5000 and Draeger X-am??7000.

From LEL to 100 % by vol.
_Our catalytic sensors are suitable for measurements from the lower explosion limit (LEL) to 100 % by vol.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in