Heavy Duty Truck Wash Brush with Handle


The Heavy Duty Truck Wash Brush with Handle adjusts from 43 to 71 inches and has a locking 10-inch-wide soft bristle brush head.

  • Include standard garden hose connection
  • On/off button to control water flow
  • Locking head so your wash head won’t spin
  • SEL 10.2.5 requires (see below)
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This Heavy Duty Truck Wash Brush with Handle includes 10-inch wide soft bristle brush head.

  • 43 in to 71 in extendable truck wash brush head
  • Features a locking head so your wash head won’t spin while in use; rubber corners protect what you are washing
  • Base of handle includes a standard garden hose connection and an on/off button to control water flow through the brush head


Model 43633
Weight 2.13 lbs.
Dimensions 39″ x 8″ x 5″
Material Rubber
Extension Range 43″ to 71″
Exterior Machined
Brush Head Width 10″


This product meets the requirements for the California Standardized Equipment List
SEL 10.2.5 Brushes, Car Wash Type, Long Handle: Soft bristled wand type brush, with fixed or adjustable handle to 3 feet minimum. May come with garden hose connection to supply a flow of water at brush end.
2 required to meet the SEL

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Emergency Vehicle Wash Brush 43633

Rated one of the best truck washing brush kit for large vehicles. We offer a wide selection of high-quality emergency vehicle cleaners to help maintain and clean your . We understand the importance of keeping your vehicles clean and presentable for your community, and our cleaners and commercial truck wash brush is designed to do just that.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 9 × 6 in

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