ENPAC Prowler Pop Up Pool


ENPAC Prowler Pop Up Pool are chemically resistant pop-up pools that fold up for compact storage and deploy quickly for rapid response.

  • Industrial strength material to help prevent abrasions and punctures
  • Half the weight and twice as strong as similar pools
  • Breaks down to fit most spill kits and perfect for truck kits
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Prowler Pop Up Pool

Portable spill containment pools offer a teardrop design and top tension ring that makes them self-supporting and makes them one less item to worry about in a high stress spill scenario. Pop up pools for fuel are made with flexible plastic and are quickly setup to contain leaks from vehicles. Also, holds oils and other fluids during routine maintenance of machinery.

Part # Description Spill Cap. Gal. (L) Weight lb. (kg) Top Dia. in. (cm) Base Dia. in. (cm) Height in. (cm)
5920-YE 20-Gallon 20 (75.7) 2(1) 18 (46) 28 ( 71) 13 (33)
5966-YE 66-Gallon 66 (250) 3 (1.4) 36 (91) 48 (122) 14 (35.6)
5900-YE 100-Gallon 100 (378.5) 5 (2.3) 32 (81) 48 (122) 18 (46)
5950-YE 150-Gallon 150 (567.8) 8 (3) 44 (112) 60 (152) 18 (46)


ENPAC Prowler Pool cold-rated to temps as low as -60º F. Pop-Up Spill Containment Pools are perfect for emergency situations and our a great alternative to the PIG Portable Spill Containment Pool as well as the Ultra Pop Up Pool. Call us today for all your spill and containment needs +1 (805) 617-0987

ENPAC Spill Containment Solutions

ENPAC was founded with a single product focused on a simple principle: protecting the environment from hazardous chemicals by providing customers with high quality, affordable containment solutions. Spill containment pools make a great addition to anyone who works with hazardous chemicals. The newest iteration of ENPAC’s original product represents the future of spill containment solutions. Taking industry standards to a whole new level, ENPAC introduces the ENPAC Hazmat Pop Up Pool.

ENPAC Prowler Hazmat Pool – 20 Gallon 5920-YE

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 9 in

20-Gallon, 66-Gallon, 100-Gallon, 150-Gallon