Drip Pillow Oil Drip Mats and Berms


Drip Pillow Oil Drip Mats and Berms are engineered to be the ideal portable drip and leak protection, with replacement pads to absorb spills.

  • Folds for easy overall storage
  • Strap for convenient retrieval
  • Heavyweight base for windy conditions
  • UV-Resistant Removable Pads
  • Made in the USA
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Drip pillow oil drip mats and berms are built with disposable pads that are placed inside a durable 22 oz. industrial PVC fabric to prevent excessive spills from contacting the ground. Additionally, ENPAC drip pillows and pad sets are made with sandbags that are welded in to prevent it from moving around, especially in high winds. Furthermore, oil drip pads also come with retrieval straps that work as a cinch when folded for storage and convenience.

  • Constructed of durable 22 oz. PVC
  • Replacement pads available by the case of 5
  • Corner grommets for added security


Part No. Weight lb. Spill capacity gal.
Dripillow Drip and Leak Pad 22″x22″ 5650-YE 7 1
Dripillow Drip and Leak Pad 24″x36″ 5660-YE 8 2
Dripillow Drip and Leak Pad 24″x54″ 5670-YE 9 3
Dripillow Drip and Leak Pad 38″x42″ 5680-YE 9 4
Dripillow Drip and Leak Pad 36″x36″ 5690-YE 12 4
Dripillow Drip and Leak Pad 36″x72″ 5691-YE 15 10
Dripillow Drip and Leak Pad 48″x48″ 5692-YE 19 8
Dripillow Drip and Leak Pad 48″x60″ 5693-YE 21 12


Need More Information about Drip Pillow Oil Drip Mats and Berms?

The portable drip pillow is great for emergency spills inside, and also rugged enough to handle harsh environments outside. Oil drip pans were designed as a quick solution for small oil spills but are compatible with most fuels and hydrocarbons as well. Drip & small leak containment berms are an equally  important addition to fire departments and hazmat teams to have on-hand and is great compared to the Eagle T8340 1 SpillNest Drip Pad. Contact us today for all your spill and containment needs +1 (805) 617-0987

ENPAC Spill Containment Solutions

ENPAC was founded with a single product focused on a simple principle: protecting the environment from hazardous chemicals by giving customers with high quality, affordable containment solutions. ENPAC Dripillow drip and leak pad act as a quick response for any spill containment situation.


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in

22"x22", 24"x36", 24"x54", 38"x42", 36"x36", 36"x72", 48"x48", 48"x60"

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