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IBAC 2 Bio-Threat Detection and Collection

The IBAC 2 Bio-Threat Detection and Collection is an automated bio-detection sensor that can support scheduled or 24/7 air monitoring. It detects airborne spores, bacteria, viruses, and toxins.

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This is the IBAC 2 Bio-Threat Detection & Collection.

It alarms in less than 60 seconds when a bio-threat is present. You can configure the IBAC to support automated aerosol sampling either in conjunction with its’ triggered alarms or at a set frequency sampling time. In wide service throughout the world, IBAC 2 collects and detects aerosolized agents for all four classes of biological threats with low false alarm.

The IBAC 2 can detect airborne threats that are:

  • spore
  • viral
  • cellular
  • protein toxins


Real-Time Warning Capability

Autonomous 24/7 operation with no consumables. Detection algorithms for indoor and outdoor use.

Alarm Automatically Triggers Sample Collection

System triggers collector only when high-probability of bio-agent threat, greatly reducing consumables and number of samples to process.

Most Widely Deployed Biological Trigger

Operates as part of a network configuration in “first tier” building protection system, or via battery for mobile detection capability.

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