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Spill Hero Super Absorbent Solutions is part of Impact Absorbent Spill Cleanup Equipment.

Established in 1992, Impact Absorbents Inc. has been a leading manufacturer and source for highly absorbent and fast working products for spill cleanup. Through innovation and response to an ever changing industry, Impact Absorbent Technologies has developed a unique line with absorbents. Impact specifically formulated these to handle a wide variety of liquids, chemicals, and spill cleanup. Impact First Responder Chemical Spill Kits have a unique line of specialty granular absorbents. Additionally, they make and supply one of the largest lines of spill response kits for hazardous chemical clean-up and Biohazard spill response. Impact has product and first responder spill kit content customization. It also developed one of the most effective Slip-and-Fall prevention programs in the industry servicing grocery and retail stores nationwide.

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