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Indian Springs emergency kit units contain the parts and tools that hazmat workers need to fix leaks in tank cars and trucks.

The Indian Springs Manufacturing Co., Inc. is the sole manufacturer of the Indian Springs Chlorine Institute Emergency kits. These Indian Springs hazmat leak repair kits are for chlorine hazmat teams. Indian Springs firefighter emergency kit units include chlorine kits, hazmat custom containment solutions, and other tools to contain hazardous materials.

It began in 1958 as a small job shop. It served primarily Central New York and gained a hard-earned reputation for quality manufacturing. Among the custom products manufactured were emergency kit components for a chlorine producer in Solvay, NY. The company eventually took over the production and sales of these emergency kits directly by the mid 1960’s. It also became a member of the Chlorine Institute. The company commits to manufacturing technology while gaining valuable engineering experience. In this way, it has been able to expand its capabilities with a variety of innovative products and services. It has grown over the decades to become the global source for compressed gas hazardous materials containment solutions.

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