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M9 Chemical Detection Paper

M9 Chemical Agent Detection Paper is used to identify the presence of liquid chemical agent aerosols. It is designed to detect nerve (V- and G- types) and mustard (H, HD, HN, and HT) agents.M9 Paper is actually a coated tape with a mylar-adhesive backing so it can be a-fixed to objects. It’s packaged in a dispenser with a serrated edge to easily tear off sections for use.M9 contains a suspension of an agent-sensitive red indicator dye on the paper. The dye will turn pink, red, reddish-brown, or red-purple when exposed to a liquid agent. M9 Paper can detect agents, but not identify which agents are present.The tape that makes up M9 is 9.1 meters long and 5.1 centimeters wide. The self-adhesive paper attaches to most surfaces, and a moisture proof resealable bag is provided to store the dispenser after removal from its original packaging. M9 Chemical Detection Paper

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